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Cute Camouflage Military Baby Shower!

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Military Shower Invitations

Fun and colorful options for your military theme baby shower... camoflage shower invitations in blue, pink and green! We will print your camo baby shower invitations with your personalized wording, the way you want. A great option for new Army babies, Navy babies, Air Force and Marine babies. And don't miss our matching items, from stickers to centerpieces, to coordinate your event and make decorating easy. Welcome new recruit!

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Military boy thank you
Camo Baby -green
army baby shower invitation
Army Boy
navy baby shower  invitation
Navy Boy
marines baby shower invitation
Marines Boy
Air Force baby shower invitation
Air Force Boy
Military girl thank you
Camo Baby - pink
army baby shower invitation
Army Girl
navy baby shower  invitation
Navy Girl
marines baby shower invitation
Marines Girl
Air Force baby shower invitation
Air Force Girl
Military baby thank you
Matching Thank You
army baby shower invitation
Army Baby
navy baby shower  invitation
Navy Baby
marines baby shower invitation
Marines Baby
Air Force baby shower invitation
Air Force Baby

Planning A Military Baby Shower

Every service man and woman deserves the best, especially when their children are born. While every baby shower is special, the one involving the men and women protecting the country are special in a different way. Many of the dads on military duty may come home when they are expecting a child to be born. Think about the homecoming that includes a military baby shower. The excitement of planning this party is exhilarating.

No matter if the child is going to be a girl or a boy, finding the invitations with a military theme is easy by visiting online. You might consider the image of a camouflaged onesie outfit with your child's name on it. Your guests will find it endearing. Several designs are available for the mother to be that would like to use this theme.

Decorating your home for this kind of celebration is great fun. You can choose camouflaged paper settings. Add streamers and other decorations in your accent color. For girls, many parents choose pink camouflage. Check your local party store for camouflage party supplies in green, pink and blue.

If your party is planned at restaurant or hall, you may want to have posters made to direct your guests to the right place. These posters can also be fashioned in the same theme you are using for invitations. By choosing the invitation company that provides all your supplies for a theme, you can save time and money.

Selecting thank you cards for guests is a traditional part of this type of celebration. Be sure to choose thank you cards that fit into your theme. This is especially important when it comes to a theme that includes the armed services. An online search should help you to find fun and memorable party favors for your guests as well.

Consider the ways you can use your shower theme in the presentation of food. Could you choose divided plates like used for a cafeteria line? Perhaps name tags for the "rations" labeling them with humorous military-style names. Choosing a cake with a dog tags design on it bearing your child's name is an especially cool way to achieve this. Consider taking your invitation to the person who will make your cake and ask them for ideas.

Making this party short is a good way to keep your guests entertained. Plan for two or three hours for everything to take place. If you wish to play party games, plan for these in advance. If the mother-to-be will be opening gifts in front of her guests, gift bingo is an easy game to offer. Place a bingo card and pen by each place setting and encourage guests to fill in the boxes with their guesses of what is in the gifts to be opened. Have bingo prizes ready! You can also label the bottom of one plate with a sticker. The person who gets that plate gets a prize.

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Patty C.

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Custom printing by professionals.
At Naptime Productions, an experienced artist will create your card, keeping the look of the sample you choose here, but personalizing it with your information. Since we are making the card just for you, you can make any text changes you wish. If you would like to see an image of what your card will look like before it is printed, simply choose the optional JPG Proof during the order process. Please call or email if you have any questions about your order.

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Army Baby Shower Invitations

Expecting a new "Army Brat?" Welcome the little one with army shower invitations. Or navy, air force or marines. We can even creat an invitaiton for the coast guard if you request it! All reasonably priced. These are a sure attention grabber for the baby shower!

If you see an invitation you like, but it is not in your colors, ask! We often can adjust designs to suit. Each baby shower invitation is custom created, just for you, so we can print them however you wish.

If you have any questions, be sure to call our customer service department! We are happy to help with your ordering and invitation questions!

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