Celebrating Summer

Lovin' Summer Pennants Printable

Add a little more color to your pool party, summer barbecue or special backyard gathering with this free printable pennant file: Lovin' Summer". Simply save the file to your computer and print to your color printer. Cut out the triangles, fold over the top edge and hang on a string. (We add a small piece of tape to the back attaching the folded flap to the back so they don't fly away.) 

tie dye invitationOur tie-dye design picks up those lovely summer brights and ties in well with bright color paper and plastic ware for an instant party look. Try grabbing a child's toy bucket in a bright color for a vase and fill it with wildflowers. Free, fresh and friendly. We also have a tie dye design invitaiton and party decorations. Check them out! (The samples at the link are for a birthday, but you can personalize for any occasion!)

A perfect tie in (so to speak) is a tie-dye activity. Have everyone bring a cotton shirt and pick up a tie-dye kit at your local craft store. Easy summer fun (to do outside on the grass!) that makes memories, and doubles as a party favor.



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