8 Steps to a Cute Cowboy Baby Shower

If you are planning a cowboy theme (or cowgirl) baby shower, PaperSalsa has a downright adorable shower plan for you, including easy centerpieces. Follow these eight steps, even at the last minute, for easy success.cowboy welcome baby

  1. Get the word out. Optimally, mailing invitations, is best. Printed invitations can be delivered to you within 3 business days if you are in a rush, or you can order a PDF file of your personalized cowboy invitations to print at home. Generally you want to have the invitations in the mail about 3 weeks ahead.

    The newer way to invite a crowd is to use Facebook or a web-based invitation site to spread the news. (You'll still need to call or mail to the computer-resistant guests.) If you are going this route, PaperSalsa can provide you with a custom cover image so that your invitation page looks fabulous!

  2. cowboy baby

    Catering the party wins the rodeo hands-down for convenience. If, however, like most, you will make the food yourself, round-up all the family and ask each to bring a dish. Or, if possible, make the food prep a family/friends event the evening before the shower. The family that cooks together, laughs together, especially if the music is on and a bottle of wine is opened.

    A tasty meal from the chuckwagon: crock-pot BBQ beef or pork (shredded), whole wheat buns, ranch-style baked beans in a second crock pot, fresh cole-slaw with a light viniagrette dressing, Sun Chips, a fresh veggie tray with ranch dip, and a variety of desserts to choose from.

  3. If you plan to use paper tableware at the shower, take advantage of the lower-priced solid color materials at most dollar stores. Combine solid color napkins with printed paper napkin rings, colorful labels to label buffet dishes, theme stickers on the favors and a matching sign on the door. Choose one color (i.e. blue) for most items, and add a few small items in an accent color (i.e. orange) for a coordinated look.

  4. cowboy baby shower sharing cardThe jury deciding the yea or nay of baby shower games is still out, but it is always safe to ride the median and offer one or two short activities for the guests to spark conversation. A cute idea for the baby book is to ask guests to fill out a card with a baby-wrangling tip for the new Mom-to-be. Light-hearted or serious, these are fun to save with the baby book. Set cards and pens on the tables prior to the shower, and have a box or basket to collect them. PaperSalsa offers coordinated cowboy sharing cards you can print or order pre-printed.

  5. Make your centerpieces double as game prizes. For quick results, get a small 3” potted tropical plant for each table. The day of the party, buy some daisies in your primary color, trim them to 6” stems and poke several into each plant pots to brighten them. Then wrap the pots in colorful paper with a bow, or with a personalized theme centerpiece wrap. If possible, provide cowgirl hats for the guests to set the scene!baby gift bingo card

  6. For a second shower activity,consider providing blank bingo cards to the guests. They fill their cards with guesses of what gifts will be received, and mark them off as they are opened. Have prizes ready.

  7. For conversation starters, write some questions on cards and place them at each table. Consider questions involving baby trivia, baby names, parenting, childhood or birth. Early on in the shower have the guests each answer one within their table. An alternate approach is to place one question on the bottom of each plate. What baby name would you give to your new baby today? Why? How many children is the perfect number? Why? How many siblings did you have? Did you like it? Do you think each child should have their own room? What is your opinion on limits to children watching television and playing computer games?

  8. The best baby shower is the one that you spend talking and laughing. Make it easy for your shy or newly-introduced guests to get talking by preparing some conversation starters and a joke or two prior to the shower. Then, as host, circulate around to the tables and get people talking. If your guests would enjoy it more, plan the shower as a “display shower” where unwrapped gifts are set on a gift table, and your guests are free to spend the party catching-up and enjoying each other's company.

The To-Do list for these ideas:

  • Invitations and guest list
  • Menu and food prep plan
  • Party supplies: Table covers, plates, flatware, cups, napkins, serving utensils, napkin rings
  • Favors – small gifts for each guest, i.e. bag of candy with cowboy sticker
  • Centerpieces for each table, which are also prizes for games, and possibly add a wide color ribbon to run down the center of the tables.
  • Games: Sharing cards, collection box, baby gift bingo
  • Conversation starter cards for tables or plates
  • Notepad to write down gifts
  • Matching thank you notes – an etiquette requirement!

PaperSalsa, a great source for cowboy baby shower supplies, is a new site offering unique and easy shower activities, invitations and decorations. Brought to you by Naptime Productions, you can count on them for the same personal service, fast turnaround and quality products that Naptime has offered for 16 years.


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