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Fun Party Relay Games

Playing With Food!

If you have a young (or perhaps not-so-young) group and need a few ice-breaker games, or entertaining competitions, simple and inexpensive can also be best. These easy games create lots of laughs and encourage participation of all types. Try a few at your field day, festival or party for easy success. Get Ready: set up a few tables; Get Set: grab a few things from the pantry, and Go!

stop watchMarshmallow Towers

  • Supplies: Mini marshmallows, straws, a table, a bowl, and two players
  • Goal: The goal of the game is to get three marshmallows from one side of the table to the other using the straws. Once the marshmallows are there, they must be stacked into a tower also using the straws.
  • Directions: Get a large bowl and place it on one side of the table. Fill the bowl with mini-marshmallows. Give a straw to two players. Place three marshmallows in front of each one and see who can move the marshmallows to the other end of the table and make the tower first!

stop watchShake-a-head

  • Supplies: Stop watch, 5 or 6 pedometers, 5 or 6 bandanas, 5 or 6 players
  • Goal: See who can get the highest number on the pedometer in 30 seconds!
  • Directions: Give the players each one bandana. Have them tie it onto their heads. Once on their heads, clip a pedometer on the front of the bandana. Once they all are ready, make sure that they are on 0. Start the timer and see who can get the highest number on the pedometer by shaking their head for 30 seconds.

cotton ballsSticky Nose

  • Supplies: Vaseline, two large bowls, one large square cardboard box, cotton balls, tissues, garbage bag, 2 players
  • Goal: See who can get three cotton balls into their bowl the fastest, only using their nose.
  • Directions: Place the box in the middle of the table; fill the box with cotton balls. The bowls on either side of it. Have the two players smear Vaseline all over their nose. On go both players should stick their noses into the box. When they get a cotton ball on their nose, try to get it into their own bowl. Whoever gets three in their bowl first wins. Once completed, players should place the cotton balls into the garbage bag. Then players should use a tissue to wipe off their own noses, and place the tissues into the garbage bag as well.

spaghettiSpaghetti Race

  • Supplies: A box of uncooked spaghetti, a box of uncooked penne (any variety), a table, 5 or 6 players
  • Goal: Be the first person to get 6 penne onto one spaghetti.
  • Directions: Have 5 or 6 players kneel down onto the ground in front of the table. Give them each a strand of Spaghetti and 6 penne. Place the 6 penne, on the table in front of them spaced about an inch apart. Have each player put the spaghetti into their mouths. On "Go," the players try to get the penne onto the spaghetti, one at a time. Whoever gets all 6 on first wins!

soda pop canTab Top Towers

  • Supplies: 6 empty soda pop cans (with tabs), 2 tables, a box of uncooked spaghetti, four players
  • Goal: Be the first team to make a tower with three pop cans
  • Directions: Have two tables set up about 10 feet across from each other. Have 6 pop cans, with tabs, sitting out on one table. Have two groups of two waiting at the table. Give each team one strand of spaghetti. On "Go," each team should put the spaghetti through the tab of one pop can. One team member should hold one end of the spaghetti with their hand while the other holds their end in their mouth. The players should get over to the other table, set the can down, and go back to get another can. Once all three cans are successfully on the second table. They should make a tower, again, using the spaghetti. The first team to make a tower wins.

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