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Planning a Meaningful First Communion Party

A Very Special Day

Now that your child has reached this milestone in his spriritual life, celebrate! Your child's First Communion is a great opportunity to make some wonderful family memories. How you celebrate is very personal... from a small family dinner to a huge family gathering. Whichever you choose, you want the celebration to reflect the importance of the event, and be something she fondly remembers. You may also want to check out this blog for preparing for your child's first communion by very dedicated mom.

  1. Choose a party location appropriate to the number of guests you would like to invite, and double check your event dates with both the church and reception location.
  3. Order your first communion invitations two months in advance, and send them out 4-6 weeks prior to the party. (If you can invite extended family members to the service, all the better! Check with your church to make sure there are not limits on guests per family.)
  5. Plan the food and beverages you wish to serve. Something to prepare ahead? A potluck? A caterer? Perhaps close family members would each like to take care of one portion of the meal. Here are some tips on food for quantities for 100, and a discussion about economical parties.
  7. Choose what kind of music you would prefer... anything from a local radio station to a local band! Whether your music is background music or intended for dancing, make sure it is occasion-appropriate.
  9. Decorations can be as fancy as you wish, but a color scheme for tables and centerpieces is probably all you need. To keep the meaning of the party focused, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-printed cross, angel or dove designs. Or simply sprinkle cross confetti on the tables and make a cross shaped cake. Consider running a colored ribbon down the center of the tables to add color when using all white table covers. Wheat and grapes make very attractive centerpieces, as do candles with a cross painted on them. We found some wonderful decorations online:

        First Communion signature frame

  11. Small favors for your guests can also serve as decorations for the tables, and be a reminder of the meaning of the occasion. One of the most unique we found may be the Bible verse fortune cookies! These items we found suit the occasion perfectly:
         Bookmark Bible Verse Fortune Cookies
  13. An appropriate activity table or game for the children may lend a little structure to the event and curtail the running-in-circles while the adults talk. While some feel that games are inappropriate for a religious sacrament celebration, games and activities could be chosen that are learning tools. Like Books of the Bible Bingo, teaching a Bible Verse Finger Play, or offering religious coloring pages and crayons or making cottonball lamb faces. Check with your youth education director for more ideas!

        craftJesus is my Shepherdcoloring book       sunday school
  15. First, see if your Pastor will say a prayer at the party. If that is not possible, you may want to ask him for a prayer and toast ideas. Prepare the toast for the child in advance. Given by God-parents, parents and/or grandparents, this is a reminder of the meaning of the occasion brings your guest back to home base.
  17. Plant a tree! Planting a fruit-bearing tree in the yard during a backyard party serves as a long-lasting symbolic reminder of the day, and grows along with the child.
  19. Consider scattering conversation starters on the tables. These could be photos of the child as he has grown, or favorite bible verses, prayers or wishes for your guests.
  21. Don't forget a gift for the Godparents!

Invitations from Naptime Productions:

Blue/Brown Wheat1877p  Communion Invitations Antique Cross Pink Demetrios Blue Divine

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