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Making an Anniversary Time Capsule

Making an Anniversary Time CapsuleA truly unique gift for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary is to create a time capsule. Items of special significance gathered over the years or donated by family members for the couple to look at and remember. Don`t forget to include the anniversary party invitation!

If creating a time capsule for your parents or grandparents anniversary, give yourself plenty of time to gather as many special pieces of their history together as you can. Try to include sentimental items from family members like letters, photographs or clippings documenting special events. You can check online for a ëyear timelineí site for newspaper headlines over the years. There are even websites that allow people to make an online time capsule so that family members from all over can add to the capsule.

In choosing just the right container, think cool and dry. There are affordable time capsules online but it is just as simple to use a sturdy metal container, as long as it can be properly sealed so that it is waterproof, airtight and fireproof. Even a scrapbook will do, remembering to use acid free paper so that your time capsule will endure the test of time and weather. Archival materials are helpful. Remember not to include anything perishable. Black and white photos will last longer than color ones so use them whenever possible. Store the capsule in a special place in your home so that you wonít forget where it is.

anniversary invitationIf you plan on keeping the time capsule after the anniversary for future generations, remember to catalog where and who the items came from. You may also want to include an inventory of all the items.

If youíre on a time crunch there are
ëtime capsules in a boxí you can purchase online loaded with memorabilia from their anniversary year.

If you are a newlywed, capture the moments of your married life together by creating a time capsule for each anniversary. As a newlywed couple, start the tradition off right by using any keepsakes you may have from your courting days. A menu from the restaurant you went to on your first date or a ticket stub from your first movie together. Maybe a photo of the location where he ëpopped the questioní Collect a copy of your wedding dayís newspaper, your horoscopes for that day, even a list of your current ëlikesí, what the two of you consider your favorite song, book, television show, movie and restaurant at the time.

Each year add to the memories with souvenirs from any trips or vacations, information on new babies, even job changes. Remember to revise your ëlikeí list and include a current photo of the two of you and any new family additions.

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