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A Special Halloween Game and Treat for your child's class!

There is a very good reason why Halloween is America's favorite party day! Fun for all! Contribute to your school's halloween classroom parties with these easy treats and game to make the day even more fun for the little monsters in your grade.


We love this snack idea from Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies. Caramel or candied apples have always been a fall favorite. This version makes them dipping fun, and actually has one healthy ingredient - fresh apples. Slice up the apples in advance and give them a wash of fruit fresh or water with lemon juice to keep them from browning. Then add bowls of caramel, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs and any other toppings you want to offer for dipping. Messy, but awesome. (Bring some wet washcloths!)

Grade 4-6 Game - Halloween Poem Bingo

halloween poem bingoPrint out these free bingo game and cut them apart. Each child gets a bingo card and a small scoop of candy corn to use for markers. Print this page and read the halloween poems SLOWLY and clearly, aloud, as the children look for their words on their cards. The poems can be read in any order. Here is the first poem on the sheet. Enjoy!

Rather than just a match game, it a test of concentration and a race to find the words before you have gone on to others. Give a prize for the first few bingos in any direction.

The attached pdf file has 8 versions of game cards, and the page to read aloud which will provide the words they need. This was created just for fun, but we'd love your comments and suggestions to make it better!



Season of Witch

by Paul Curtis

When the werewolf’s howl
And vampires take to the wing
When the witches start to brew
And you hear the banshees sing
When the ghouls are on the move
And the ghosts can all be seen
Then that’s the time you know
That it’s the night of Halloween


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halloween party invitation
Haunted House

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